Visium Benefits Video

Customer Service

Visium Resources believes that Customer Service is, perhaps, our greatest benefit. We pride ourselves on our ability to create seamless interactions with our Employees at all times. We invite those evaluating our services to read employee-written reviews as we’re positive you’ll see what we mean. The fact of the matter is, Visium Resources TRULY CARES. That should be most evident in everything we do and we feel like this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Weekly Pay via Direct Deposit

Visium Resources pays its Employees on a weekly basis. Payroll is prepared locally, utilizing direct deposit–eliminating any worry about late payments and promoting an anxiety-free work environment.

Paid Holidays

For those contractors who are eligible, Visium Resources makes six (6) paid holidays available throughout the year. However, some restrictions apply. Please contact our Payroll Administrator with any questions you may have.

The Consultant Paid Holidays Policy/

Flexible Disbursement

Visium will allow multiple account disbursements of weekly payroll, so Checking, Savings and Investment accounts can have automatic disbursements.

Supplement Insurance

Visium offers a plethora of insurance opportunities from Aflac, Colonial, and EssentialSTAFFCARE. This is on a pre-tax basis.