We love our employees and our clients, and love the feedback they give us. Below are real testimonials from both employees and clients.

I work 4yrs with this company and I can't say one bad thing about them. They worked hard to get a job that fit my background. The company they put me in was a great fit both for the work and the people I worked with. Visium is there and will work with you through any problems you may have at work. Great company!

Ray Shirley    October 25, 2016   

I have been working a little over two years for Visium Resources and I'm very, very pleased with the company and the staff. I have dealt directly with Bob, Robin, and Samantha, and their interaction and professionalism have been phenomenal, always very professional and friendly.
Thank you Bob and Robin for having me as part of the Visium family.
We enjoy your site visits.

Lincoln Hernandez    January 13, 2017   

I never needed to use a temp agency before moving here. Visium was so great and made my transition to employment so easy! They have helped me with any questions or concerns to make my job seeking that much easier! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new job!!

Marlene M Burton    October 25, 2016   

Vanessa is terrific! She helped me land an assignment and was always responsive to any questions. Very friendly and supportive. I hope to work with her again!

David Leviton    February 1, 2017   

First of all it is a pleasure to be part of this organization.
The work assignment is everything stated in the contract.
The Visium and ST Marks personnel I've had to deal with have been really great.
I have already given praises to close friends that are looking for work.

Steve    October 25, 2016   

Applying to jobs is always a difficult task. You're not entirely certain where you see yourself working, what you truly enjoy doing, or what type of team you would work best with. But finding a career in which you'd ease all these thoughts becomes that much easier when you have a committed team of people supporting you from the start. I had just returned from serving in the Peace Corps and was eagerly looking for a career to get myself back into the workflow in the USA. I was searching for both engineering and software related opportunities even before I returned to get right into it. After going to many interviews to places I didn't see myself quite liking and figured, "well it doesn't hurt to interview", I received an email of an opportunity that seemed to be your usual spam. Here I was, applying to numerous positions through different job search engines on a daily basis and the company reached out to me. After looking at the sender, confirming it was legitimate, reading the job description and other details, I decided to send in my updated resume, salary requirements and a brief introductory paragraph. Little did I know then that this company, Visium Resources, would be the most professional and supportive company I have ever been employed/contracted by. The consistent communication and quick responses to follow-ups was amazing! Visium Resources is unlike your larger companies. You don't have to know someone in order to 'get your foot in the door.' You don't have to extract information from your resume to enter it all in their HR portal. You don't have to wait months later only to hear back that the company 'is currently considering other candidates, but will keep your resume on file.' The process is efficient and effective. What more can you ask for! And on top of it all, I am currently working with a team that considers my input and values my work ethic. I highly recommend building a relationship with Visium Resources and their team to obtain a career that you will look forward to going to every day.

Niko Kostakis    August 22, 2017   

Very polite and honest people and a great company to work for. Thank you for the opportunity you guys have provided me with. My experience with Visium has been awesome. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Da Jesus    October 25, 2016   

Visium Resources is a great recruiting agency. As a freelancer I feel they take great care in making sure I am happy in my contract and try and do everything they can to make my needs met. Thank you.

Amisha Khemani Jaggi    October 25, 2016   

I really enjoyed working with Visium resources. The pay was great and the jobs were long term. Really nice people

Inez Spigner    October 26, 2016   

I have worked with Visium for over two years now and I like the company very much. I like the way they go about their business, very professional! Robin and Bob are terrific and easy to work with. Very good people. I would prefer to work with them anytime. Thanks guys.
- Praveen Dodda

Praveen Dodda    January 30, 2017   

The Visium team are hard working individuals, ensuring that I was well taken care of, while I was a Temporary Employee which led to a permanent position. Not only did they went beyond their daily duties to assist their Temporary Employees, but they are knowledgeable in preparing us for our interview (s) and guiding us to land a permanent position with top employers such as, The Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom) Company.
Mr. Forster almost ensured all of his employees both office staffs and Temps were representing Visium in a professional manner at all times. That's a, A Grading Temp. Agency I have recommended and would recommend to any & everyone seeking employment.
Thank you Mr. Forster for all the help your team have assist me with and for their kindness they have shown.
Thank you Levi, Robin, and Samantha for all that you have done for me.
Keep on doing a fantastic Job.
A warm thank you from Tia.

Tia    November 1, 2016   

I want to thank Visium for Matching up my qualifications and Experience with a great company. The match is amazing. The company I am working with suits me and my expertise. Visium did this all online. I also applaud their online time clock process and payment procedures. Every step was secure, fast and efficient. Thanks to David Story and his team. Thank David and Visium. I look forward to the next contract. keep up the great work.


Johnnie Teamer    October 26, 2016   

Excellent organization. High level of integrity. Professional and strong work ethic.

James Foster    February 1, 2017   

To whom this may concern,
During my time with Visium Resources, Vanessa provided exceptional services in helping me answer any questions and resolve any issues. It was truly a pleasure to work for her and a great comfort to know that she was my point of contact. If I ever had the chance to work with Vanessa again, I definitely would.

Thank You,

Terry Dowdell

Terry Dowdell    January 27, 2017   

Michael and Robin at Visium Resources were so helpful from start to finish. They are so helpful and knew precisely what qualification the candidates that their clients are looking for. In my case it couldnt have been a better fit. The attention that Visium gives their candidates is unlike anyone else in town. From the initial email's to the occasional check-in phone calls they truly are one of a kind in my experience.

Thanks Visium,
Armando G.

O. Armando Guerra    October 26, 2016   

I really enjoy working with Visium Resources. Since this is my first time working with Visium Resources, I have no issues so far. In fact I am experiencing great opportunities and benefits. For instance; explaining dime taxing, still getting paid even there is any issue with time card which I faced last week. Great, friendly staffs.

Gokhan ILHAN    January 5, 2017   

I have known Robin, my first point of contact from Visium, for a fairly long time. She has been very proactive in her work providing great detail whenever required. Its always fun working with someone who believes in two way communication and is always ready to get your logical concerns addressed from the client. Her best attribute is that she is always ready to educate others when she knows about a skill and is open to be educated by others in return when she doesn't. I look forward to working with Robin and her team in 2017 and continue the good working relationship that we have shared with each other from a long time.

Javed Khan    January 13, 2017   

I have had an exceptional experience working with Visium and Robin in the past. They are an excellent company and very professional. Robin has always been a great communicator and assisted me in looking for new roles. When I had an issue with a contract with another vendor, Robin made my transition seamless and I stayed in the same role without interruption.

Michael S. Humphrey    March 16, 2017   

Very good company to work for. Highly recommended.

Luis Landron    October 26, 2016   

The team at Visium has been nothing but a strong supporter of me and my career since starting my new position. They are professional and have been very attentive to my needs. Mike and Robin have always made themselves available to me and are easy to get a hold of. Communication is something that is very important to me and that is not something you can say about a lot of companies out there. They really go the extra mile, "10/10 stars" for me.

Armando G.    January 13, 2017   

What a privilege it's been to be a worker through Visium Resources! From the day I was contacted about a position I'd applied for, to the present, the staff at Visium have made me feel like a highly valued member of the organization. And that's saying something considering the fact that I'm a remote worker, based in the Austin, TX area. I'm coming on 4 years with Visium and I don't have anything but praise and tremendous appreciation for them. To Robin and Samantha, who I've dealt with chiefly, THANK YOU! But actually, the whole organization has impacted me positively. Birthday and end-of-year cards leave you feeling special each year, but I was even more touched by the group card that was sent to me when my husband and I lost a family member earlier this year. Talk about going the extra mile. Thank you Visium!

Rennie Palmer    December 7, 2016   

Having opened the doors of Visium Maitland over 14 years ago, I am proud and honored by what this company has become. Our staff is a truly caring group of individuals, that work hard to make sure that our contract employees are taken care of and our customers are happy with the services they receive. We are blessed to have great people, working hard every day.

Michael Forster    October 5, 2016   

I am working with Robin and Bob for a very long time and got lots of excellent requirements. I am very lucky that I am working with these two excellent and great people and become a trusted partner for work. I am really enjoying working with Robin and Bob and their team. Their services are excellent and up to mark. Every time I submitted candidate, I always get the feedback or updates whether it is negative or positive. Their feedback motivates me for excellent search. I am very happy working with Robin and Bob because they are so responsive and hard worker. I wish i could work with them and Visium resources forever as a trusted vendor/partner.

Rohit Malhotra    January 12, 2017   

I want to thank you for all your help and support.
You are a true professional.
Thank you for making my transition so easy.
You are awesome.

Nivaldo Castro    January 27, 2017   

I have had a very good experience working for Visium. I have been with them for over 2 years now. I am being paid market value for my position that I hold which is rare when working for other contracting agencies. The people there treat you with respect and have a concern for your well being which is also uncommon for this type of business. I have worked for several of the large well known contractor employee agencies. With them I was nothing more than an asset. This is not the case with Visium. Whenever I hear of somebody looking for a job I recommend them to contact Visium.

Shawn Traylor    October 27, 2016