New Hires

Welcome to the Visium Family!

We take pride in caring for our employees and we’re so happy to have you on board. With all new things, there is a bit of introductory work to be done before you’re on the job so let’s get to it:

New Hires

You will receive our new employee documentation via Adobe eSign.


Adobe eSign services–formerly Adobe EchoSign–brings trusted e-signatures to your organization and makes 100%-digital workflow a reality. It integrates with your Adobe Document Cloud portfolio. Additionally, it’s the only e-sign solution that lets you create secure digital document processes across your entire organization — all in partnership with a single vendor.


Are e-signatures legal and secure?


E-signatures are legally enforceable and valid in almost every industrialized country around the world. Adobe eSign services adheres to the latest best-practice policies for online security and applies them at every level — from application codes and networks to the physical facilities.
  • We highly recommend setting aside an allotted time slot to complete this paperwork.
  • eSign will time out if you leave it open for a prolonged amount of time.
  • Be sure to sign all of the spaces needed. By missing one, you will not be able to complete the paperwork.
Remember, you are an employee of Visium Resources, although you will be working under our client’s facility and under their direction. As your employer, we process each paycheck weekly. Each week you will receive a timesheet on eSign as well, this needs to be sent in to us no later than Monday afternoon. It can be returned to us by eSign, email, or fax.


This is extremely important for without timesheets we are unable to pay you!
Always remember to send your timesheets.