Essential Interviewing Tips:

  • As always, Dress for Success. It is best and recommended to dress for the position your are interviewing for. It’s always best to be overdressed, rather than under and to wear something that is fitted, clean, and also pressed. Accessories should be kept to a minimum.  Do your best to avoid smoking or eating pungent foods prior to the interview, as well as not dousing yourself in anything too fragrant. If you are unsure of what attire would be appropriate, please contact your recruiter who will more than happy to share that information with you.


  • Be aware of your First Impressions. It is important to be on your most courteous behavior with everyone you meet. More often than not, employers are curious about how you as an applicant treated other staff members (even in passing) and any the chances of an offer could easily be rescinded due to any arrogant or rude displays. The best way to make a First Impression is to arrive about 15 minutes early, as well as being well dressed and greeting your interviewer confidently with a smile, eye contact, and firm handshake.


  • During the interview is when you want to sell yourself as the best candidate. We recommend you take care to answer any questions an interview may give you. Always air on the side of confidence and prepare yourself to answer questions relating to the job. Avoid talking too much about your personal life, and try to stay prepared and focused on the position and do not ramble. We strongly advise you not to badmouth your old job during your interview, it is disrespectful and often can diminish your chance of landing that position. Always remain positive, upbeat, and authentic. Allow your responses to be clear and concise.


  • Know about the position you are interviewing for. Even if your resume sells you, you also have to sell yourself in-person. Try to know as much as possible about the position prior to interviewing and make sure you know what you are talking about during an interview.


  • Don’t forget about the importance of Body Language! Poor body language can be off-putting for an employer. It is always smart to be effective with your body language. Easy ways to have effective body language are by smiling, keeping eye contact, remaining in good posture and making sure you are actively listening. Avoid any types of slouching, mumbling or shouting, nervous fidgeting, looking off into the distance, or slouching.

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